♥ What is “Motherhood Fabrics” ♥

Motherhood Fabrics are cards with positive affirmations to accompany the woman during pregnancy and birth. There are 40 cards with supporting messages and 6 blank cards for you to write down whatever is important to you. They help to pause, to focus on the present and to build trust.

A patchwork of words that embraces and warms.


Motherhood Fabrics are made out of 48 cards:

1 cover;
1 card with a small introduction;
40 cards with different positive affirmation;
6 blank cards for you to write whatever you wish;

♥ Suggestions for use of the Cards ♥

– Pregnant women may carry them in their bag and take a card every day, week or whenever you feel it is necessary.
– As a gift for a pregnant friend.
– For doulas: they may be used as a mediation tool during a pregnant women’s meeting.

Who is behind "Motherhood Fabrics": "they were made by me, a mother of two and a doula in training. I created these cards while I was pregnant with my second son and they helped me build confidence and to focus on what was important during birth. That is why I would like them to spread, hoping they‘ll give support to other pregnant women too. In case you‘re interested to find out more about my work, or would like to order more Motherhood Fabrics (also in other languages) feel free to contact me via email:
Best wishes, Mariana Polke"

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