** 10% - 20% DISCOUNT

How it works:

Buy one pair you get 10% discount

More pairs 20%

Please choose option "10" or "20" on your code to activate the discount on your shopping cart


  • Valid from 23.06 until 30.06.20

  • No discount on products that are already on sale

  • As delivery option you can also choose “Pick up yourself” in Kreuzberg 10997

  • Return is only possible within 14 days, and first you should inform us by email 

  • In case of return the discount price will be recalculated based on the amount of shoes you keep

  • Change is also possible with no further costs but let us know until 30.06.20 

>>>> Choose your code based on where you saw the offer - they are all the same, it would be nice to know from where you read it, thank you! 

#SwingShoesBerlin10 or #SwingShoesBerlin20

#FamiliesBerlin10 or #FamiliesBerlin20

#HelloPingaoBerlin or #HelloPingaoBerlin20





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